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  1. Montgomery Wards Tractor Forum
    Picked this up last weekend for only $120. Turned out to be a 1978. Stumbled across it looking for an 80s MW mower my parents had that i rode as a kid and couldn't pay it up. Runs, drives and cuts really well. Plan is just to clean it up and use it. Hope to maybe come across a snowblade, blower...
  2. Montgomery Wards Tractor Forum
    I have been looking for a loader for my '73 Montgomery Ward for sometime now. I really wanted to find an exact Montgomery Ward Loader (they were just rebranded from another manufacturer though). I have come across a Johnson Model 14 loader locally to me. I am pretty sure this loader is bigger...
  3. Attachments
    Highly want to purchase a front end loader to fit my '73 Gilson 16 Vari. Anyone who has one please contact me and we can talk price.
  4. Attachments
    I have a rear rotor tiller for sale from a Montgomery Wards 16 tractor. I am asking $300 OBO. I am in York PA.
  5. Parts
    Need some misc parts for my 77, Montgomery wards gear drive such as the stand that HOLDS up the gas tank and the gas cap as you see here.
  6. Attachments
    Looking for Official Montgomery wards attachments, like a garden plow, disc, Loader? wheel weights what do you have? i am located in michigan
  7. Montgomery Wards Tractor Forum
    Would anyone be able to tell me the specifications on the hydraulic pump for the deck lift on a Montgomery Wards 16 tractor. I want to convert my manual lift over to hydraulics but I am cant find any specifics on the pump type, flow rate, and pressure. Does this pump have an internal reservoir...
  8. Attachments
    looking for some attachments for sale to fit on my 16hp montgomery wards, i also need a Brinly Hitch thanks.
  9. Walk Behind Garden Tractor Forum
    I'm new this and I need some help identifying this walk behind. I picked this up for $50 at a yard sale. It looks as if someone made some modifications to it. The pulleys (3 on the engine), the belts (3), all seems to do nothing. I think the configuration of the belts and homemade brackets have...
  10. Montgomery Wards Tractor Forum
    I found this 1974 Montgomery Wards 16 hp GIL-33155B sitting in a shed and asked the owner if he was interesting in selling it. He said he was looking for someone to haul it away for him. He was happy that someone was going to fix it up instead of scrapping it out. I got a front blade, rear...
  11. Montgomery Wards Tractor Forum
    I picked this this tractor up last summer at an auction for $80. It was pretty much set up the way it is... just gave it a tune up and freshened up a few other things. My family has really gotten into garden tractor pulling... even built our own boat. I am trying to learn what I can about this...
  12. Bolens Tractor Forum
    I am interested in seeing photos of the ultra rare Bolens produced Montgomery Wards tractors in the very early '60s. It would be great to see photos of an existing Bolens MW. I think some were based on e 600 , Thanks
  13. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds
    Here's another oldie but goodie... looks like it was rode hard and put away wet. Smitty
  14. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds Pretty Clean Machine!! Don't know if the $900 he's asking is a good price or not. Smitty
  15. Montgomery Wards Tractor Forum
    I got another Monty to go with the M/W collection. This one is a 1964 or 65 Squire 7 1/4 HP built by Toro, Springfield. It's in pretty nice original condition. Still has the Riverside Tires it came out of the factory on.
  16. Montgomery Wards Tractor Forum
    I have finally started to restore my Mont.-Wards Squire 6 built by Bolens. There isn't very much info on these tractors, but with Y'all help I think it will turn out nice. From what I can find out, these where built as a filler between the Sim. built Squire Gt's and Gilson building GT's for M/W...
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1-20 of 20 Results