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  1. Lawn Mower Forum
    Hi, I'm new to the forum, my name is Alex from Italy, I have a question for you: I have an MTD 12.5 HP B&S ride on mower, I would like to change the rear tyres, it currently has 18x6.50-8 tyres, I would like to put agricultural type tyres, but I should mount some 18x8.50-8, are the rims that I...
  2. MTD Tractor Forum
    Hi all. I dragged this out of my dad's garage. I believe it's a 1984 but cannot decipher the model code. Any ideas?
  3. Garden Tractor Forum
    Will a Haban 425 fit a Farm King 16 ( MTD 990)? Details, I have found a Haban 425 sickle bar mower for sale locally. It is a side mount with a pto drive with a driveshaft looking pto shaft. This is the way the MTD 990 powers the mower deck so I am thinking it might work. Owner says it is for...
  4. MTD Tractor Forum
    I have this tiller that came with my 1970 MTD 960. I finally figured out that it has to be adjusted so that the input shaft of the tiller is parallel with the output shaft of the PTO when it is at tilling depth and to turn it off before lifting it. Otherwise it shakes really bad. Still, I would...
  5. Garden Tractor Forum
    I'm looking for wheels for a project. 1988 MTD lawn tractor. I need front wheels around 3x10 inches. Wanting to put 3 rib tires on front and want about 20 in diameter for wheel tire combo. Any ideas? Also must have 3/4 to mount on MTD front axle. Thanks
  6. Montgomery Wards Tractor Forum
    Picked this up over the summer. Was looking for a 78 which was the year my parents had when I was little. But same style just different coloring so I won’t complain! In pretty good shape overall. Finally replaced the front tires after having them sitting in the garage for 5 months haha. Replaced...
  7. Garden Tractor Forum
    At the risk of boring everyone, I thought I'd post an update as to what I've been up to the last couple years. I think most people are aware that i was able to leave my job at the Army Depot (a 65 mile drive each way) and go to work for the Air Force base which was 5 miles north of me. In...
  8. MTD Tractor Forum
    I have an older MTD Mdl # 134M660G500 , Canadian purchased. I can't find any record of this model number - anywhere. MTD says manual is not available ! Is there perhaps a U.S. equivalent with a different model number ? All help much appreciated.
  9. MTD Tractor Forum
    My mower is an MTD 13AK608G062 (2000) w/single speed transmission. When I put the tractor in forward gear and drive, I am hearing an very loud noise and am really trying to figure out what it is and where it's coming from. I'm not sure if it's a belt, pulley, brakes, wheels, low/dirty oil or...
  10. Garden Tractor Forum
    Please help I'm looking for a part number. Starter went and need to order a new one. I believe it's a Dayton, which means MTD not sure of the year The engine is a Briggs and Stratton 16hp
  11. MTD Tractor Forum
    I want to service the hydro in my JcPenny MTD 990. The manual say to us Fram PH16 filter and 20 Weight oil with added zinc. I was going to use a NAPA/WIX filter instead but I'm unsure about the oil. I looked around and straight 20W oil with zinc doesn't show up. That leaves me with 2...
  12. MTD Tractor Forum
    When did MTD first use a seat interlock switch on their garden tractors for the first time? I know it was not mandated until 1987, though some manufacturers did implement this feature years before. What it does: if you attempt to leave your tractor with the mowing deck engaged and parking brake...
  13. MTD Tractor Forum
    Is it true that the JCPenney model 1855 garden tractor is similar to the MTD 148-995A? Thank you, Ben
  14. MTD Tractor Forum
    I have a Dayton 3Z68B, which is a private label of the White 142-995. I got the ol' girl out of winter storage today, put a battery in her and cranked her up. She started good and runs okay, so I hooked up my 3ph Aerator to do my lawn and some neighbors. I started noticing little drops of...
  15. Garden Tractor Forum
    I just bought a mtd lawn king and have no information about it just wondering if you guys know anything related to my new purchase.
  16. Tractors
    Hello everybody :wave: I live in France. I'm looking for files for MTD 144-761. My Son have this very old Tractor and he wants to repare it. :worshippy1: Can you help us please? :D Thanks a lot :thumbs: Hervé
  17. MTD Tractor Forum
    To me at least, this is an interesting tractor in that it discharges grass from both sides of the deck through steel ducts to the rear bagger. It has 3 spindles with a small blade in the center. The owner said the exhaust fell off and some guy welded it, after that the tractor leaked oil...
  18. Garden Tractor Forum
    Hello! Have some items to try and ID so I can put them up for sale here in northern Michigan. The DB garden plow is the only thing with a tag. Do you folks recognize any of the rest? Are these all for walk behind's? I can add dimensions for any that need them. Thanks, Paul
  19. MTD Tractor Forum
    I am wondering if anybody knows exactly what models of twin-cylinder tractors they had produced in the years 1978-84? I know the 148-916A (4-speed transaxle), 148-918A (variable-speed transmission, aka "Sixteen/Four") and 148-995A (hydrostatic transmission) were the first three when they...
  20. MTD Tractor Forum
    I picked this up on our local online classifieds after a friend tipped me off. It's a Dayton 3Z678A 8200D S/N 41-013-0557. I'm not sure when it was made.. It's very similar to a MTD 995--Peerless 2500 series hydrostatic transmission, 2-speed axle, B&S Flat twin 18hp with driveline, and front...
1-20 of 58 Results