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  1. Ariens Tractor Forum
    Hello. I am new the the Ariens Tractors. I just bought a GT18 with a mower deck that will need some missing parts replaced. The GT seems to be in good working condition. I will post some pictures when I get it unloaded from the trailer. Here are the pictures I have right now. Nest to my son's...
  2. Massey, Snapper, AMF Tractor Forum
    Hi All, New member here from Mass with a new (to me) MF16 joining an IH 782 in the fleet. The MF had an older, amateur restoration which I started to redo and the IH is a low hour, all original machine. As you can see the MF has a non original muffler which works well enough, but I plan to...
  3. Garden Tractor Forum
    I need a little advice from the pro's here please, I recently purchased my first home and after a year of push mowing my lawn I want/need a tractor. I only have a 1/4 acre with not many obstacles and other than a slight grade its flat. I know a 42" deck is all I need the problem is I also have a...
  4. Speedex Tractor Forum
    Afternoon, Just wanted to say,hope all our American friends are okay and the storm tapers away soon, it sounds bad watching the news hopefully worst is over.While going thru my stack of old Popular Mechanics this one dated January 1949 I came across some old ads,and thought I would share this...
  5. Member Introductions
    Just joined at the suggestion of Doug T from Ohio I think. My son and I got the old contraption out and running. I posted pics of it. Doug said it is a McLean. Very helpful. We are into Champ Kart racing, Beekeeping, Bolens Tube frame tractor. Fishing,Hunting,camping. SuzukiSamurai's.Pretty...
1-5 of 5 Results