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  1. Tractors
    48" Deck, 18hp. Onan Cuts grass perfectly fine. $300 FIRM James 570-578-3877 Hazleton Pennsylvania
  2. Parts
    $50 Knoxville, TN worked fine when I removed it for the hydraulic pump drive. I will ship it for actual shipping charges. Chris
  3. Parts
    $50 Knoxville, TN worked fine when I removed it for the hydraulic pump drive. I will ship it for actual shipping charges. Chris
  4. Massey, Snapper, AMF Tractor Forum
    I'm looking to repower my 1655 or maybe rebuild. It currently has the original Onan BF-MS/3221E. After a lot of searching on-line I feel that a repower is the best option. But the kind folks on this site are the experts! I'm handy but not enough to do a rebuild and would need a shop to do...
  5. Mechanical & Hydraulics Forum
    I recently bought a small warehouse forklift for my new shop. It has an Onan CCKB?? 2 cylinder engine and runs on Propane. The engine is Onan green, and I suspect it is a repower from a genset. I wasn't able to get to the dipstick when I first looked at it, but the engine started and ran with...
  6. Sears, Craftsman Tractor Forum
    I added this tractor to my collection recently and it is definitely one of my favorite tractors and probably the next one I restore. I need to add a few parts to it to complete the electric-lift three-point hitch, which I can borrow from another three-point I have. It did come with a deck which...
  7. Wheel Horse, Toro Tractor Forum
    I own a 1990 520-8 with a bad onan engine. are there any other garden tractors that are compatible with the 520-8 attachments. Purchased new mow deck last year, tiller attachment still in great shape. Or is there another engine that can be used on that model. Local repair shop claims nothing...
  8. Parts
    Parted out a Sears SS16 Tractor Model 917.25752. Have all parts listed on my online store at WWW.DEALTX.COM . Will ship anywhere. Lots more parts as well. Parts in stock and ready to ship. Thanks
  9. Parts
    I sell good used parts for most brands of Small Engines, as well as Garden Tractors, Mowers, Tillers, and Lots more. Over 45 years experience in equipment, and 20 years selling parts online. Free Shipping in USA on most parts. Lowest prices. Weekly Markdowns. I part out equipment and engines...
  10. Parts
    I am looking for at least one flywheel key for my 18/6. Ideally, I would like a couple so I can have a spare or two. The parts diagram shows two different keys and I'm not 100% on which one I need so if you have both, that would be most excellent. Thank You for your time
  11. Garden Tractor Forum
    Have Gravley tractor with all the bells and whistles. Only whistle that is not properly working is the two onan engines currently. See pictures. Has PTO attachments needed for the following: Tiller, snow blower, chipper, mower deck. All items except Onan engines in working order. How much...
  12. Gravely Tractor Forum
    This 817 Gravley has all attachments, tiller, chipper, mower deck, snow blade, snow blower, two Onan engines (Not running), extra starters and misc parts, PTO connectors, Manuals. All attachments and transmission work just fine. What is all this worth as is?
  13. Parts
    I am looking for an original fuel tank for my SS16, this is one that goes under the seat. Also the Onan is not charging so i am interested in the stator and voltage regulator.
  14. Power Equipment Forum
    Well, sometimes the good Lord answers prayers in a special way. We've been wanting to get a genset for backup power for quite some time, but could never quite get pass the hefty price tag. I have a portable 4,000 watt B&S genset that works well, but being gas driven it has all the challenges...
  15. Bolens Tractor Forum
    So I have this cousin who's really into government surplus auctions. I mean REALLY into them, to the point that he's got a little side business going selling off the stuff he wins at auction. (The last time I saw him he told me that he'd make me a deal on a half-dozen of those big military...
  16. Parts
    Sorry, this is a WANTED Ad. Some "friends" worked on my mother's tractor several months ago, and left without gathering parts or putting things back together. We found everything except the points cover--part no. 160-1232 superseded to 160-1285. Does anyone have a good used one for sale?? New...
  17. Sears, Craftsman Tractor Forum
    I have a '79 SS16 Sears, it has the Onan twin on it. I'm putting a new electric fuel pump on it. I had rebuilt the carb about 3 years ago, including the stock fuel pump that's on it, and it never really ran since, I didn't have time to fiddle with it so I pushed it into the back of my shop and...
  18. John Deere Tractor Forum
    Hi Guys - had an old JD318 and I have not yet taken it apart but think it has points .... I can get serial number if need be ... but is there a conversion to electronic ignition for the Onan engines? Thanks ... I use the thing as a little tractor and it is partially refurbed but a long way to...
  19. John Deere Tractor Forum
    I have a John deere 316 with a Onan B43e engine the motor blew up and broke connecting rod i bought another block and am going to transfer the parts to the other block what i found was the original connecting rod is a 170-3439 and it says k2 on the inside of the rod and 3 on bearing cap the...
  20. Mechanical & Hydraulics Forum
    Is that what Onan stands for? Went to start the MF1655 today to get ready for tilling. It would start but not stay running so up goes the hood. The air cleaner houseing barely on by one remaining screw. The other two I don't think I want to know. So what does everyone else do to keep these...
1-20 of 33 Results