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  1. Parts
    I'm in search of one or a pair of front rims for a Pennsylvania meteor 1010.
  2. Copar, Pennsylvania Panzer Tractor Forum
    Just got my first Panzer. I'm super stoked! Looking for a Mower deck for it.
  3. Copar, Pennsylvania Panzer Tractor Forum
    I saw this on our local marketplace. These are rare in our area. Only if i didnt have so many projects now
  4. Tractors
    Hi all, I am trying to sell this Panzer tractor for a friends widow. My friend recently passed away suddently and she's left with a lot of tractors to sell. My friend has this Panzer on a trailer under a storage tent. I put gas in it and it started up the first pull. There's lots of rust and...
  5. Copar, Pennsylvania Panzer Tractor Forum
    A local tractor collector, lost steam on this T70 project, his loss is my gain. I'm going to have questions as I put it all back together. More photos soon.
  6. Tractors
    SOS I am wondering if anyone has a Panzer Model A (any of the three wheel style) tractor that they would be willing to trade for a 1970 John Deere Patio (orange - all original) or a Restored 1958 Garden Master Jr. Both tractors have photos attached. I can get more if needed. The reason is...
  7. Copar, Pennsylvania Panzer Tractor Forum
    I just acquired my first Panzer. It's a T758ES and it seems to be very original and complete other than the steering wheel and seat. Being new to Panzers, I have a few questions I hope someone could help me with. Where will I find the serial number ? I've seen photos that show a number on the...
  8. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds
    This made me cringe the first time I saw this.
  9. Copar, Pennsylvania Panzer Tractor Forum
    I have a Panzer tractor Model T758ES Serial # 91108. I need 3 engine mounts or engine base plate mounts, part #T60-226. Oftentimes someone offers a substitute or alternate part. Does anyone have suggestions? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
  10. Parts
    I'm looking for the following parts for my T75 Panzer Under seat "battery box" or pictures and dimensions to build one Right angle gear box or a similar gearbox that would work in the originals place
  11. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds
    I listed this on Craigslist. If you have an interest please email me through the Craigslist link.
  12. Parts
    I'm in need of the engine pulley for a T-205 and the larger Aluninum pulley and shaft and chain for the drive Also need 2 front rims T-50 drive chain cover Engine pulley for a T-60 and T-65 Would consider parts tractors or restoreable of any Panzer in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, West Virgina
  13. Copar, Pennsylvania Panzer Tractor Forum
    I've been hooked on GT's for about 3 years and currently have 2 wheelhorses, I was looking for a "unique" garden tractor. There are a good number of older Sears, John Deere's, Cubs, MTD's, Allis/Simplicity's around here, but I wanted one that I didn't see at every show. (although wheelhorses...
  14. Copar, Pennsylvania Panzer Tractor Forum
    First off, some background...a little character development...colorful narrative to make this thread worth reading...just in case purely technical content is not enough to rope you in. Forgive me if you've read this before...its a bit can just jump to the next post if you get bored...
  15. Copar, Pennsylvania Panzer Tractor Forum
    Does anyone have parts for a Panzer T75? We are restoring one and having trouble finding parts.
  16. Copar, Pennsylvania Panzer Tractor Forum
    Here are a few pictures of my Panzer's current condition. I wanted to do a full restoration on this but with a full time job, a part time job, and two boys under two I realized I wouldn't get done with it until they hit high school. So for now I am happy with getting grandpas tractor up and...
  17. Copar, Pennsylvania Panzer Tractor Forum
    This past weekend was the first one we have had in about three months that I didn't have snow sitting somewhere on my property. That means its time to start working on the Panzer again! I was wondering what kind of battery does everyone use on their Panzer. I have a t758es and was told I needed...
  18. Copar, Pennsylvania Panzer Tractor Forum
    I was wondering what steered u to Panzers? I had stumble upon my two by luck. I was actually looking for a Cadet to restore with my son and my father .Then I came across some Panzers that I had never heard of before. They looked Interesting so I took both of them home. We all know...
  19. Tractors
    Hi everyone this is my first post. I'm looking to sell my Panzer T70B. I have other projects I'm working on so it has to go. It was previously used as a pulling tractor with a 14 HP Kohler, according to the previous owner. Its missing parts and has some holes cut in the hood for spark plug and...
1-19 of 32 Results