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  1. Diesel Garden Tractors, Repower & Conversion Forum
    I purchased a Simplicity 7790 diesel at auction. This mower tractor has set out in the weather for some time. The engine turns over, all the fuel lines are rotten and need replaced. Where can I purchase parts? Thanks Doug
  2. Bolens Tractor Forum
    Hi! Scored a H14 for parts ...most interesting is the Eaton + rear transaxle and hydraulic valve but also front axle complete with steering column + original but cracked steering wheel. Question about the transaxle +Eaton. I am keeping this for "that day" when something goes wrong on my...
  3. Tractor Restoration Tips & Tricks
    Hello - I LOVE this Lawn Tractor but we seem to be missing the Trans axle dipstick - we have the cap but the rest is gone. No one is selling these anywhere! Any chance someone could send a photo of yours next to a ruler and I can fabricate one. I would need to see/know the full length, distance...
  4. Ariens Tractor Forum
    Hello all. The GT20 was loaded and sent on its way with the new owners on Saturday. I made a deal where I kept the complete front mount 540 PTO assembly. When I say assembly, I mean every part of this NOS option. I also have several other spare parts, including a partially complete Haban Mower...
  5. Ford/Jacobsen/Moline/Oliver/Town & Country/White
    Hello, I have a white GT-2055 that I need to put new front axles on, however I have not been able to find the replacement parts. It still runs great and everything works. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks!
  6. Garden Tractor Forum
    Good Afternoon, I have a 1981 Ford FF/24 Garden Tractor. I'm trying to find out 2 things 1) How rare is this tractor? (I can't find parts anywhere!!) and 2) Anyone know where parts for this thing might be??
  7. Parts
    NOS parts for sale. I hope to help people out looking for NOS parts. My grandfather used to have a small engine shop years ago. We are trying to sell the parts. We have an assortment of parts from Springfield Quick Manufacturing, We also have clinton, briggs and stratton, tecumseh, kohler...
  8. David Bradley Tractor Forum
    Where can I find parts for this engine? Need piston
  9. Tractors
    I don't know much about it at all. I seen were my ex brother in-law posted it last year for sale. He was asking 450 which is crazy.i really don't know what it's worth at all. But before I took it to the scrap yard I didn't know if anyone could use it for part's. I reckon I'm asking best offer.
  10. Parts
    Hi new to the forums, we are currenlty in the middle of a 1969 bolens 1250 restoration, and i am in search of the original exhaust and heat shield part # 1719-446, and also in search of 1050 steering wheel part # 1717-326 preferably in mint condition the last 2 pieces of the puzzle i am missing...
  11. Massey, Snapper, AMF Tractor Forum
    I have a snowblower attachment for my old MF 12. Hooked up to my variable belt drive model. I believe to to be what these forums are calling a type 3. I am in need of sprockets for the chain drive side. Specifically the 18 tooth 40 pitch idlers. Is there anyone that could help me with an...
  12. Parts
    Hi, Guys Helping A Friend Sell Some Stuff. Selling. Basic In-Frame engine kit. For 1020 diesel, 3 cylinder 152 CID for John Deere 1020 Tractors Contains complete sleeve and piston kit with rings, pins & retainers gasket set and pan gasket Part No: BIFD4447 $200 New In Box! Darryl...
  13. Sears, Craftsman Tractor Forum
    I may be posting in the wrong forum but this seemed an appropriate place to start. I just picked up an old sears Ro-To-Hoe at an auction for $10. It is in exceptional shape for its age and runs great however I tried to start it the other day and the spring inside the recoil starter broke. This...
  14. Bolens Tractor Forum
    I recently bought two Bolens grounds keepers, one running and the other needing alot of work. There are two decks and two blowers and two cabs and one plow in the package. Im looking for parts to get them both running, and possably restore one. One needs new tires and alot of little parts along...
  15. Walk Behind Garden Tractor Forum
    Hello everyone, I'm new here so don't be too hard. I've got to super powers and a 575 that I'm working on. Just missing a few parts. Any help would be much appreciated.
  16. Bolens Tractor Forum
    Hi I had a tree come down on my 61 and 62 RAM about two months ago and they got wrecked the 62 took most of the damage, the 61 only had the grill knocked off, and is in otherwise good condition. Ive decided to part them both out due to the damage and lack of storage i have for them. I really...
  17. Tractors
    FOR SALE: Sears Craftsman GT-18 from 1984. The model number is 917.253.744 It features a 18HP Briggs & Stratton opposable horizontal shaft 2 cylinder engine, it is geared with a hydrodrive 6 speed transmission and a 44" enclosed mower deck. To the best of my knowledge the tractor is complete...
  18. Tractors
    Hello everyone! First post to this forum but I have utilized a lot of the information from it over the years of owning my Gilson so thank you to everyone for posting all of the helpful technical data. I am posting today to sell my tractor as I do not have the time or money to restore it and I...
  19. Montgomery Wards Tractor Forum
    Recently purchased an old wards walk behind, model WMC ABN-62908. Need information as well as parts. Main part I need is the toothed rod for adjusting the pulley which is broken in half. HELP!!!
1-19 of 67 Results