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  1. Ford/Jacobsen/Moline/Oliver/Town & Country/White
    I recently pulled the rear axle/ Peerless 2300 transmission from my Jacobsen Cheif 1000 and rebulit the speed reducer on it, thanks to the help and info on GT talk. My transmission is now popping out of gear. With the shifter assembly removed, I am able to move the shifter forks easily with my...
  2. Parts
    Hello all, I have a Peerless 2300 4-speed transaxle that came out of an old Gilson. I broke an axle a while back, and I found a donor tractor with a complete transaxle, so I am in business with the current work horse. Unfortunately, the donor tractor is now sitting silently in the yard, and...
  3. John Deere Tractor Forum
    Hello all, I have a 1967 JD110 that I like to take to the local pulls and such but one thing I've found is that the trans-axel seems to be a slip differential! Was wondering if anyone has had success welding them solid or if there is a suitable swap that would work
1-3 of 3 Results