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  1. General Electric Tractor Forum
    hello folks, New here, I have found this E15 for sale 125 US. Drive motor is blown as you can see from the listing and pic it has rust. Can you still get the motors? How repairable are the peerless trans. Have not seem it yet, so I do not know if the rear end turns or condition of the brake...
  2. Bolens Tractor Forum
    Just been looking at my replacement Peerless 2300 gearbox for my XL medium frame and noted that it hasn't got the hub nuts on it. That means I'm going remove them from my old box although they do look like they are aluminium "crush" type nuts that are slightly squashed to prevent loosening with...
  3. Other Brand Tractor Forum
    I replaced the hydraulic oil in my S20 last night. I jacked it into the air to get an oil pan under it, and noticed the right front tire and wheel slopped down... I checked it and it moves in 4 axes about 1/8 inch... I suspect a worn bushing or bearing in it...but can't find any information on...
  4. Custom Tractor Forum
    So, i'm having a thought, and I'd like input for good or ill. Ok here's my logic. I'm considering a skid-steer from a peerless four speed rearend from a craftsman. Basically I take the last three feet from a craftsman riding tractor frame, a vertical shaft gas engine from an old pressure washer...
  5. ta2

  6. transaxle

    One of the axles was seized with crap. So I took it all apart, which was my first time doing it. Kept it apart and figured out the entire workings of it, and then viola!! Works like a charm and now I'm a wee bit smarter for it.
1-7 of 7 Results