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  1. Garden Tractor Events Forum
  2. Garden Tractor Events Forum
    Hi all, noob here, first official post after the intro. Want to see whats out there for plow days/GT gatherings for us southeast/east coast fellas. The northern/midwest folks sure have it covered, but thats a bit of a drive. So, fill me in- what can I look forward to thats not a 1000 mile drive...
  3. Garden Tractor Events Forum
    Not many plow days are held in Northern MI compared to places like PA. The date is undecided but in Marion MI, Im going to try to have a plow day. It will be in early spring once the ground is no longer coverd it snow. A few fields in the area have had corn the past few years and needs to be...
  4. Case, Colt, Ingersoll Tractor Forum
    Does anyone know if anyone has a plow day in Wisconsin? I've watched quite a few videos of GT's plowing on youtube, and would be interested in attending one.
  5. Garden Tractor Events Forum
    I ran in to Ed Wheeler at the PA Plow Day and he gave me a flyer and asked to post it. He has asked us numerous times to try and make it up there but over the years it has always been tough to get the time to make the trip. However this year we are going to do our best to make it up there to get...
  6. Garden Tractor Events Forum
    being held somewhere in the North/South Carolina, or Virginia area. My wife has indicated that she will support a "Father's Day" gift of some time for a tractor event, but I don't want to spend all my time traveling. I am aware of the Denton event and may be able to attend that, but I was...
  7. Garden Tractor Events Forum
    Plow Day Central Ohio from WFM site
  8. Garden Tractor Events Forum
    Well guys it's plowing time again! This year the Missouri Two Cylinder Club will be hosting 3 Plow days this year. (still finalizing the last date, probably early Nov.) All plow days are open to Garden Tractors of any make or model. We will be plowing probably some of the best ground in all of...
  9. Off Topic
    Does anyone have a sample of a waiver used at a plow day? I need to provide our sponsor something. Thanks,
  10. Garden Tractor Events Forum
    Update! Plow Day Cancelled! I'm currently working with Belvedere Plantation's very enthusiastic event manager on the details and will hopefully have a brochure out soon. We're working out the details, but are thinking of a tractor parade at the end of the day, an exhibition area for the...
  11. Garden Tractor Events Forum
    Spring Plow Day This will be held at Schlenker's Farm, 2 miles North of Routes 5 & 20. All makes of farm tractors, and lawn and garden tractors are welcome. Contact Ed Wheeler 585-748-0505 When Sat May 12, 2012 Where 2149 Elton Road, Ionia, NY, 14475 (map) This...
  12. Garden Tractor Events Forum
    April 28th Is our 15th annual Plow Day. It's an all-encompassing event. Horses, Big Tractors, GT's, Walk Behinds. Last years we were priveledged to have several of our GTTalk members come for the day. It starts early (8am) and usually winds up around 2PM. Buffet style lunch available...
  13. Garden Tractor Events Forum
    Looks like Bryan and Josh have dates posted. Anyone from here going? I'll probably bring the kids and 3 tractors. Wife is still deciding.
1-14 of 14 Results