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  1. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds
  2. Classifieds Feedback
    Brian has helped me immensely with my Briggs projects this summer. Between parts for the Vanguard to repower my JD 318 to the Briggs powered push mowers Brian has helped me with parts and to understand the "Briggs" way of doing things. Thanks!
  3. Classifieds Feedback
    I purchased a tiller attachment recently from member “S76” and I recommend him highly. He was a pleasure to do business with. He was very honest in describing the attachment and made sure the buyer was aware of everything.
  4. Classifieds Feedback
    I purchased a plow I was looking for thanks to the help of both these members. These guys took the time and went the extra mile to make this possible. Thank you.
  5. Classifieds Feedback
    Scott had to come up with a comp tester cause I wanted PSI numbers, Hung in thru my USPS ukup , crated it, attached it to a pallet and dropped it of at the shipper (HEAVY item), kept me informed every step of the way. Much Appreciated ! Excellent transaction Many thanks!
  6. Classifieds Feedback
    Just wondering how I can change the price in a classified add I already posted. Thanks
  7. Classifieds Feedback Many thanks to Pete , I needed the implement lift spring ,he asked how about the whole thing ? He disassembled packed and strapped the the unit on a pallet dropped it off at Fastenal for me , pretty sure he'd of got more...
  8. Classifieds Feedback
    Just wanted to give a thumbs up :thumbs: he hooked me up with a great little kohler k-91. worked with me on the shipping and was super easy to communicate with. great seller in stiemmy. Pete
  9. Classifieds Feedback
    I ordered used seat parts from Brian on Monday afternoon and they were here on Thursday Morning. He shipped on Tuesday morning and they were here in 2 days. NY to SD. That is fantastic service. :D Thank you very much.
  10. Classifieds Feedback
    I bought several used parts (petrol tank with the straps and a seat braket) from Rick over the Christmas Period for my 1254 at a very reasonable price. Very kindly he threw in an old 800 amp gauge for free. I find Rick to be very reasonable and extremely helpful and will most certainly use him...
  11. Classifieds Feedback
    I bought a set of belts for both my 800 and 1254 from Bolens 1000 which arrived today. Very reasonable shipping costs to the UK and well packaged by the seller who have clearly labeled what each belt is for and for which GT. Will very happily deal with Brian again. Cheers
  12. Classifieds Feedback
    Bought a set of blades I couldn't find locally, or anywhere for that matter, American made and all! Great price, fast delivery.
  13. Classifieds Feedback
    Seller: abrasv Description Accuracy: 5 Communication: 5 Do Business Again: 5 Overall Transaction: 5 Description: Although not a classifieds sale. Thought I would post this anyway. 37A snow thrower was as pictured and transaction was as pleasant as could be. Would do it again if given the...
  14. Classifieds Feedback
    Seller: rrmeidl Description Accuracy: 5 Communication: 5 Do Business Again: 5 Overall Transaction: 5 Description: If I need more parts for my K181 Ill go to Rick. Went the extra mile to make sure I get what i needed.
  15. Classifieds Feedback
    Seller: fxdb96 Description Accuracy: 5 - 5 / rating, 5 being the highest Communication: 5 - 5 / rating, 5 being the highest Do business again: 5 - 5 / rating, 5 being the highest Overall Transaction: 5 - 5 / rating, 5 being the highest Description: I bought 3 Jacobsen Chief GT's from fxdb96...
  16. Classifieds Feedback
    I picked up a K301 master rebuild kit from Rich and it arrived today. Communication was great and it arrived early. I am one step closer to getting my 312 ready for snow blower duty. Seller: rrmeidl Description Accuracy: 5 1 - 5 / rating, 5 being the highest Communication: 5 1...
  17. Classifieds Feedback
    Just received my parts for my K181 to do a crank swap from Rick. Found him selling Kohler parts in the For sale section. You won't find a better guy to deal with I promise. Will gladly do business again in the near future, and for you Canucks, he ships to Canada by USPS. Seller: rrmeidl...
  18. Garden Tractor Forum
    Is this a lambert or is it a farmette? would anyone by chance know what year it is? It has a 7 horse engine briggs and stratton
  19. Classifieds Feedback
    Just felt motivated to put another feather in Littledeere's cap...Kenny is a standup guy, and another great reason why this hobby is so enjoyable. Kenny and I had a pleasant transaction, where, quite frankly, he saved a piece of equipment from rusting away into the Earth, and took the time and...
1-20 of 29 Results