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    (or if you only have one) (all replies are thanked)
  2. Tractors
    FOR SALE: Sears Craftsman GT-18 from 1984. The model number is 917.253.744 It features a 18HP Briggs & Stratton opposable horizontal shaft 2 cylinder engine, it is geared with a hydrodrive 6 speed transmission and a 44" enclosed mower deck. To the best of my knowledge the tractor is complete...
  3. Bolens Tractor Forum
    Hello! My name is Kyle, u.s. army veteran. I recently purchased a plot of land in Texas and stumbled across this little guy. No idea about these things, so I decided to come where people are knowledgeable. Worth Resto? where are parts found? Schematics? It looks as if mostly everything is here...
  4. Tractors
    Hi everyone this is my first post. I'm looking to sell my Panzer T70B. I have other projects I'm working on so it has to go. It was previously used as a pulling tractor with a 14 HP Kohler, according to the previous owner. Its missing parts and has some holes cut in the hood for spark plug and...
1-4 of 4 Results