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  1. Diesel Garden Tractors, Repower & Conversion Forum
    Hey all new to the forum, thought i would share the pulling tractor me and a buddy built we started with a beat up Massey 7 from the local junk yard, and tried using a 6.5hp genrac gas motor which i blew up at the first pull, so we dropped in a 10hp yanmar clone diesel engine . After removing...
  2. Garden Tractor Pulling Forum
    Are they in the top of the class how do they run
  3. Garden Tractor Events Forum
    April 29, 2017 Event at the Beacon Hotel, Renfrew Pa.16053, all day event, go to for more info.
  4. Other Brand Tractor Forum
    I will start by saying I don't know anything about small lawn tractors from the 60's . I am wondering if this tractor with a 4hp motor and 3-speed Trans will have enough low end to move cars around my shop. If not, what size pulleys would I need to get it geared down low enough. I am tired of...
  5. MTD Tractor Forum
    I over tightened one of my rear hubs(not knowing they where cast iron)and cracked it.Is there any other lawn tractor hub that will work?
  6. LiL Hustler pulling tractor

    Finishing up my first pulling tractor for the Grandkids.
  7. Garden Tractor Events Forum
    Western Pennsylvania Garden Tractor Association's fall Plow and Pull day Nov. 15, 2014 at the Beacon Hotel, 231 Beacon Rd. 16053. Its a all day event with food provided by our host the good people at the Beacon Hotel. We have over night primitive camping and plenty of parking. This is start of...
  8. Parts
    i am in need of a lift cylinder for an 1886. the one i have the pin is stuck into the housing and will not come out.
  9. Garden Tractor Pulling Forum
    What is the best pulling tractor that you can build/buy I want you opinion on this before I make any buys, trades, or calls. Any suggestions I will like.
  10. Garden Tractor Forum
    I want to get into pulling tractors in my area, I want to know what the best tractor is to buy and build, I dont care about the condition. Just wanna know whats the best tractor in your Guys/Girls opinion?
  11. Richmond fair

    Nic Carruthers pulling at richmond on his Cub 106
1-17 of 17 Results