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  1. Other Brand Tractor Forum
    Hey all. I've been trying to restore a Springfield 357a tractor with my grandfather who is in his 90's. We are missing a lot of pieces for the drive and deck systems. I had a fellow member send me the manual which helped a ton but I cant quite make out how the pulley and belt system works...
  2. Other Brand Tractor Forum
    I bought a bunch of Clinton engine parts and in the box, there were some Quick Mfg parts. I only have engine parts so I am looking for a good home for the parts. They are free to whoever wants them except for postage. They will go in a medium flat rate box for 13.60. There are gears gaskets...
  3. Other Brand Tractor Forum
    I purchased this little lawn tractor from a gentleman in Oroville, CA. He told me that they used to ride it around when he was a kid. His grandfather is the one who originally bought the tractor from Western Auto in Orland or Willows,CA when it was new. He stated that this was the only one that...
1-3 of 3 Results