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  1. Ford/Jacobsen/Moline/Oliver/Town & Country/White
    I have a Ford 140, built by Jackson. I was don't know what year they are and would like to now how to find out? And I would like to now if the tractors are a rare number at all. Are these tractors rarer then the 80,100:120 or are they all the same?
  2. Off Topic
    I am starting this forum for any tractor aficionado's. I will try to put at least one tractor a day. The goal is to try to guess the tractor. I will do any kind of tractors like prairie tractors, garden tractors, foreign tractors, and everything in between. You also want to be the first to guess...
  3. Allis Chalmers, Simplicity Tractor Forum
    The B110 & B112 had a radio attachment that replaced the default hood wedge. I remember seeing 1 picture of the radio last year around this time. I have spent most of today looking for that image but to no luck. Does anyone have pictures / info of the radio? SimpleTractors only shows this image
  4. Tractors
    Swiss Simar c-80 Rototiller Tiller $450 - Rare 1930's tiller made in Geneva Simar branded Rototiller who purchased Simar in 1932. Company history available upon reuqest. This tiller is knick-named the "black widow" for obvious reasons. Very nice, fairly complete example of a rare...
  5. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds
    Not trying to piss Brian off, but I found a rare one. The JD 415, a Yanmar 3 cylinder 15hp engine, rest of the tractor is identical to a 425/445/455.
  6. Attachments
    Looking for Official Montgomery wards attachments, like a garden plow, disc, Loader? wheel weights what do you have? i am located in michigan
  7. Tractors
    Bear Cat for sale. Made by Ferguson Research in the 60s. Very Rare. All wheel drive with hydraulic steering and blade. Wisconsin v4 gas engine. Manual trans - I am guessing its a 3 speed. Chevy 5 lug axles. Turns over so far but I have not tried to start it. Local delivery available. out of the...
  8. Other Brand Tractor Forum
    I purchased this little lawn tractor from a gentleman in Oroville, CA. He told me that they used to ride it around when he was a kid. His grandfather is the one who originally bought the tractor from Western Auto in Orland or Willows,CA when it was new. He stated that this was the only one that...
  9. 1965 George Workbird

    George Workbird built by George Garden Tools in Sullivan , Illinois. Photo is at an indoor Tractor Show in Effngham, Il. that I displayed it at on March 25-28th 2015.
  10. Tractor Restoration Tips & Tricks
    Hello, all my names Kyle im 16 from michigan and i have a 1980 Montgomery Wards (Gilson) Garden tractor its Gear drive i bought it 2 years ago took it apart then left it for about half a years i finally came back to it to restore it and get it going again. When, i bought it the guy took the...
  11. Ford/Jacobsen/Moline/Oliver/Town & Country/White
    Hi, Am fairly new to the GT world and have become interested in the Ford LGT open sided models. Not sure if my Ford/New Holland 555D backhoe I bought several years ago had anything to do with it or not? Always liked the Ford 8000 & 9000 series tractors. Pretty big statement from a Cockshutt...
  12. Attachments
    Works great used it once last year. Stays mounted on the tractor all summer $500
1-12 of 12 Results