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  1. Tractors
    Simplicity Sunstar 20 Garden Tractor with Plow, Cutting Deck, Rear PTO, Vacuum System, Rear Lift This Simplicity Sunstar has its original 20 HP Kohler Magnum engine that runs strong. This unit is in excellent mechanical shape with no oil or hydraulic leaks. It runs very strong and always starts...
  2. Copar, Pennsylvania Panzer Tractor Forum
    I am hoping someone on this forum might have a manual or pictures of a cultivator set up that would have worked on a T65? I have my Dad's 1959 T65 and some cultivator parts - but I'm not sure I have everything I would need to attach the cultivator. I have done a bit of searching for pictures...
  3. John Deere Tractor Forum
    I'm looking to attach my john deere model 31 tiller to my john deere 212 manual lift tractor. What linkages, helper springs, or other parts do I need to accomplish this? Any pics, diagrams or part numbers would greatly help. God bless you
1-3 of 3 Results