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  1. Gravely Tractor Forum
    Bought this L tonight, non-runner. No idea on condition, by looking at the pics you will know as much as I do. I will pick it up on Sunday, only 6 miles from my house.
  2. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds
    Here's a link to a number of things a friend is selling, including a Windolph Model F mini-dozer, several David Bradley tractors and attachments, a Gravely 5200 with attachments, and a towable backhoe. I've posted some of the specific items in the Classifies Ads, but there are too many things...
  3. Tractors
    I'm selling this for a friend who needs to move it-- I don't have room for it... Hasn't been ran in several years, not sure if it will turn over as the pull starter doesn't engage (probably rusty). Has neat implements: Tiller Rotary Plow Snow Plow Tool Bar Misc. Tools Make an...
1-3 of 4 Results