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  1. Attachments
    I have a mower deck for a speedex S18 but will fit any other S series tractor. Mower is in decent shape and everything spins as it should. The holes you see in the deck are bolt holes for the top shield. I have no need for this so I want to pass it on to someone who would like to use it or fix...
  2. Speedex Tractor Forum
    Anyone familiar with the Speedex sickle mower set up? I got a hold of a sickle mower for my S18. I'm trying to get it mounted, I think I have it more or less there. I am missing a part the goes in the center that holds the arm of the sickle blade under the chassis. I can't find and pictures for...
  3. Speedex Tractor Forum
    Hello all, new guy to the site, with a new 1967 S18. I will have to post up some pictures when I take some. I just picked up an S18 over the weekend. It is mostly rust free (may even be the original paint, faded to orange). Drained out the old gas, put in a new(er) battery and fixed the wire to...
1-3 of 3 Results