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  1. Allis Chalmers, Simplicity Tractor Forum
    I found this on YouTube posted by Classic Tractor Fever last night, this is the same fellow who I posted about who has the Allis Chalmers B1 with the tiller on the back with 60+ other tractors. Enjoy.....
  2. Bolens Tractor Forum
    I picked these up in up state NY this weekend. When I called the guy he said the larger of the two was a 1250 , it was not. Kind of glad they were both tube frames, more interchangeable. The 1050 I think is a parts tractor, engine is all there but disassembled. I think the rear is locked up too...
  3. Attachments
    Looking for the sickle bar mower for a 54 Gard'n Mast'r JE.
  4. Garden Tractor Implement Forum
    When I bought my Allis HB112 several years ago, it was missing the pulley bracket that lifts the sickle bar. It bolts onto the right side of the frame between the engine & the foot rest. It has bugged me ever since. Today, I'd had enough of it & set to work building one. I had built the...
  5. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds
    Here's another oldie but goodie... looks like it was rode hard and put away wet. Smitty
  6. Tractors
    Parts tractors, not running, located in Markham Ont. Canada What you see is what you get. MF12 $200. MF8 $50.
  7. Sears, Craftsman Tractor Forum
    I am thinking I would like to mount my Early Style Sears Sickle mower on my David Bradley 725 for Show Purposes. I need good pics of how they mount (there was an adapter kit) and the belt tightener (lever and mule). Originally, I was planning on just posting a build thread, but I keep failing...
1-12 of 12 Results