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  1. Bolens Tractor Forum
    I have a Bolens 1556 I purchased in the spring. I love the thing despite the repairs I have had to do along the way. Anyway, I believe I have a standard size mower deck on it and was wondering what the maximum size mower deck that a 1556 will take. I have edging and my wife loves it, so I was...
  2. Tractor Restoration Tips & Tricks
    Hello All, Im sure this has been answewred somewhere before, and i should really know this stuff by now...but... I need to replace the front tires on my Speedex, 4.80x8. Ive been looking around and I have found ones that are 4.80-8, or 4.00/4.80-8 im assuming this is the same? i know, toopid...
1-2 of 2 Results