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  1. John Deere Tractor Forum
    Hi all, I have a Scotts S2048 (made by John Deere with Kohler 20HP engine). Getting it out of winter this year the engine wouldn't crank. Figured a dead battery and replaced it. Same problem. Jumped with car battery, engine finally turned over started, but then died (hard stall is a better...
  2. Gilson Tractor Forum
    This tractor is in perfect condition for 45 years old. Everything works great mechanically. When i take a jumper cable from the battery to the starter motor it fires up and pushes dirt. But the key switch doesnt work along with many other things electrical. I pulled the battery and gas tank out...
  3. Mechanical & Hydraulics Forum
    I have a question...maybe be a simple one to answer, but as I don't have all that much experience with the small engines, it would be good to have your expert advise. I have a briggs 10hp on an Allis B-10. It ran fine after I put new points, a new plug, ignition coil, starter switch and...
1-3 of 3 Results