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  1. Parts
    The pump on my Steiner S20 has a lot of whine, and loses power when the oil warms up... I need a good running Sundstrand Series 15 split system style pump--I have a running core as partial payment if desired. Please PM me... thanks!! Utah Smitty
  2. Other Brand Tractor Forum
    I replaced the hydraulic oil in my S20 last night. I jacked it into the air to get an oil pan under it, and noticed the right front tire and wheel slopped down... I checked it and it moves in 4 axes about 1/8 inch... I suspect a worn bushing or bearing in it...but can't find any information on...
  3. Other Brand Tractor Forum
    Well, I picked the Steiner up last week, and am just getting around to getting some pictures posted. We put the axle selectors midway between high and low range, and it rolled like a champ, even with severely underinflated tires!! I used my two-bit HF portable electric winch to get it up on...
  4. Other Brand Tractor Forum
    Hi All-- I haven't been on the forum for a while... been a busy summer... I have an option to buy a Steiner S20 (forerunner to the 420) from a college nearby. It has a cab, dual wheels, snow blade and rotary broom. It's powered by the Kubota WG650 gas engine. The tractor won't start, and I...
1-4 of 4 Results