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  1. Tool Shed
    Harvest is coming and I was looking for a pole pruner and the brushcutter isn't the best, too. So I went to Hermann, my JD dealer, and bought a new Stihl system. The engine is the KM 130 R. The pole pruner (so called by Stihl) is a HT-KM. The scythe is a FS-KM and I can change the head w/ a...
  2. Power Equipment Forum
    About 15 years ago, the first Stihl saw came onto the farm, a Pro series 036. Significant improvement over the poulan Dad had bought. Better saw, better safety, it's been worked hard but cared for. This year, with Ryan and KK helping with the wood, Dad felt it was time to bring another Stihl...
  3. Power Equipment Forum
    I have had my Troy Bilt trimmer for about 6 or 7 years now and it never fails each year I have to clean the carb to get it to start for the first time of the season. Thanks to the ethanol fuel we have all been blessed with and the fact that I am never on top of the maintenance thing to either...
1-4 of 4 Results