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  1. Crawler, Dozer Forum
    I have been after this thing for MONTHS. Finally got the cash together, tracked the guy down, and brought it home! Tracks are in great shape, chain seems decent, sprockets aren't overly worn, but there is no engine and its been hacked up a bit. MORE than savable in my opinion. It also has a...
  2. Crawler, Dozer Forum
    Hello i recently got a struck mini dozer all belt drive the older model and was wondering how i can hook the brinly or sleeve hitch up in the back its there but theres a linkage missing between the hitch and lever pictures would be great............. thanks
  3. Other Brand Tractor Forum
    I bought a fixer upper Struck mini beep today. It is missing some parts that I need to find or have made. I took lots of photos to try to see what's missing on mine. Mine seems to have a different grille and was never yellow. I cannot locate any yellow paint on the body. If anyone has one...
1-3 of 3 Results