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  1. Garden Tractor Forum
    Had the day off as it's my turn for the weekend at the grind With two of my neighbors being older ladies they asked about tilling the garden again this year. I usually use the RF 112 but wanted to try the 74-112 with electric lift. Never had a chance since the installation of the tiller. Must...
  2. MTD Tractor Forum
    I have this tiller that came with my 1970 MTD 960. I finally figured out that it has to be adjusted so that the input shaft of the tiller is parallel with the output shaft of the PTO when it is at tilling depth and to turn it off before lifting it. Otherwise it shakes really bad. Still, I would...
  3. Attachments
    Good Day Everyone I am looking to purchase a Deutz Allis model# RT40-2000 or Honda TL5040 or Massey Ferguson 4250 CAT ZERO @2000 RPM pto -15 spline pto shaft rotortiller attachment for my sub compact/garden tractor. I have attached some pictures of these tiller for reference. Please email me...
  4. Tilling & Plowing
    Hey all, I am new to thiis site and this is my first post, however I need a little help with an old tiller. I have alot of info about this tiller, but need help with a model number. Sold By: JC Penny Manufacturer: Unknown Engine: Briggs and Stratton 092902 - 1291-01 - 75030304 Type: Gear...
  5. Tilling & Plowing
    hello all. I have a Bolens Mustang Type M16 B01 serial # 28252. i cannot get the lever to stay engaged to run the tines. I have to hold it in place. Help please.
  6. Garden Tractor Forum
    Hello, I am searching for an Ariens Trans-A-Matic parts tractor close to Knox County, Tennessee if possible. I have a running David Bradley 725 w/deck, a running Wheel Horse 308-8 w/deck, a Colt 2310 w/deck, Gravely L8 with rotatory plow, rototiller, w/estate sulky, and of course cash.
  7. Garden Tractor Implement Forum
    First off, I am new here and I joined hoping I could get this question answered by some GT experts! Last year I bought a 99 JD345 and have been loving it ever since! The guy I bought it from included a 30 inch, JD Mechanical tiller but I have never been able to figure out how to get the lift...
  8. Parts
    Looking for a PTO shaft for the Wheel Horse D series to the 50 inch Tiller. Tractor end is 1 inch 15 spline male, tiler end is 1 inch shaft. Pictures are not mine but for reference to what I am looking for.
  9. Garden Tractor Forum
    I've been looking for a deal on a walk-behind rototiller and came across in a google search. This site has brand new name brand tillers, generators, and all varieties of outdoor power equipment advertised for half of what you can buy these items for anywhere else. My gut...
  10. Bolens Tractor Forum
    the problem is, I bought this old tractor, it came with a push blade and a tiller, the tines are on there as if the tiller should run backwards and it seems that is how it should be, it really pushes the tractor when I try to use it, and since the tines are on wrong, it tries to cut with the...
  11. Sears, Craftsman Tractor Forum
    I may be posting in the wrong forum but this seemed an appropriate place to start. I just picked up an old sears Ro-To-Hoe at an auction for $10. It is in exceptional shape for its age and runs great however I tried to start it the other day and the spring inside the recoil starter broke. This...
  12. Ford/Jacobsen/Moline/Oliver/Town & Country/White
    Hello all, newbie here to the site and new owner of the garden tractor variety. I've used riding mowers, etc. and I have a couple larger tractors, but I just acquired a Ford LGT 165 in great condition and so far I'm enjoying it. Looks like it has good pull as I've been mainly towing trailers...
  13. Gilson Tractor Forum
    Hello, I recently purchased this old 74 Gilson 16hp with loader. Runs, drives, loader hydros work. It should be a great little mulch mule and general yard work horse. I have a bunch of parts that came with it, and it appears included in this tub of parts is a second hydraulic pump and...
  14. Attachments
    The tiller is about 44" wide. 8hp Briggs engine on it. It has the narrow, tilted Sears 3 point attachment AND an adapter I made to use with the standard Cat 0 on my Speedex. Runs well. I bought it several years ago to use in replacing part of my lawn. I hate to part with it but I really...
  15. Attachments
    I have a 1A Cub Cadet Tiller that I want to sell ($350.00) or trade for a Haban Sickle mower that will fit a Cub Cadet 149. Respond at [email protected]
  16. Tractors
    Sears Suburban garden tractor, 10 hp, running condition, needs a battery to use electric start. 1st gear is slipping. Attachments included, some of which are very rare: 3pt tiller w/ new predator motor and original motor, new tines disc hiller carry all turn plow potato plow scrape blade disc...
  17. Tractors
    Swiss Simar c-80 Rototiller Tiller $450 - Rare 1930's tiller made in Geneva Simar branded Rototiller who purchased Simar in 1932. Company history available upon reuqest. This tiller is knick-named the "black widow" for obvious reasons. Very nice, fairly complete example of a rare...
  18. Compact Utility and Farm Tractor Forum
    I put my garden to bed for the winter the other day. I put down 10-10-10 and tilled it in. I can't wait for spring planting.
  19. Allis with tiller front view

    First time using a tiller. Allis handled it well
  20. Allis with Tiller sideview

    First time using a tiller. Allis handled it well
1-20 of 81 Results