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  1. Tractor / Implement
    Help. We just bought this old tractor and my husband is afraid to use the snowblower. It vibrates and seems unbalanced when he raises it off the ground to drive or reverse. It was summer when we bought the tractor and love it, but it’s no good for us without a functional snowblower. A...
  2. Cub Cadet Tractor Forum
    I inherited a great uncles cub 169. He bought it new and never let it set outside or unwashed. Started it up to mow a small area and the drivetrain just stopped? I grew up mowing his lawn on this tractor,,it never failed to do anything! Looking for input and advice! New member here, hello to...
  3. Ariens Tractor Forum
    Hello everybody, just picked up a little old 1232 rear engine rider in really nice shape from Craigslist. The PO had bought it during the mowing season knowing it wasn't running and found various wires disconnected. He tinkered with it but couldn't get a spark though. I was able to start it...
1-3 of 3 Results