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  1. Attachments
    Manitoba, Canada. WANTED a snowblower model 50 for a John Deere 400 Tractor. please e-mail me: [email protected] THANKS VERY MUCH
  2. Parts
    Looking for 3 of these EXACT gas tank gauges below in my screenshot from my phone. I need one for my newest 6 horsepower Craftsman, one for my 10 horsepower Craftsman, and one for my stepdads Craftsman. I found ones that look like this on Ebay BUT not exactly like this. If someone has one or...
  3. Simplicity Tractor 1.JPG

    1960 Simplicity Tractor w/ snowblower attachment
  4. Tractors
    Delete if Not Allowed, Looking for the Following Models. Preferabley in Upstate New York/Northeast. Also have items to trade if anyone is willing including 3pt Implements and parts. - Massey 5/6/626/832 Ride-On Mowers - Massey 24S and 24S Deluxe Ride-On Mowers - Massey Walk-Behind Snowblowers...
  5. Parts
    my friend has a Jacobsen uv4 and we are looking fo another. either complete and running, or for parts. ours has a 16hp Kohler engine, does not have a cab on it (a cab would be nice) it's a 4x4 and articulates in the middle. been the handiest thing my friend has ever had! being as they don't make...
  6. Parts
    I have a John Deere 212 with the Kohler k301 12hp motor, Spec 47640. I am in search of a breather tube, not sure of the part number Mother Deere does not list it. I have the "S" shaped tube, all that's listed is the straight tube. Anyone have one in good shape willing to sell?
  7. Parts
    Anybody got a NEW short block for a 8HP Briggs & Stratton vertical shaft engine they'll sale? I'm looking. Thanks.
  8. Parts
    Looking for a decent T 92 for my Economy tractor.
  9. Parts
    Anyone got a good interlock module they want to part with. I had to Take one off my parts tractor want to have a spare, My parts tractor good no deck or hood other wise be serviceable. So want to have it running incase. Or a knock off brand?
  10. Attachments
    I have the Massey 650 tiller but I'm missing the gearbox. Looking to buy one if anyone has one.
  11. Parts
    Need the Deck lift cable, part # 1728672 and the two plate assembly, part # 1728013. Theses are the two plates between the rod the back rollers are on and the height adjustment arm. Illustration number 69 on the parts diagram. Parts are the same for both the 42" and 48" decks. Need 2 of them...
  12. Tractors
    Looking for a Massey Ferguson lawn or garden tractor. It can be running or non-running. Would like it to be complete. It doesn't have to have any attachments or mower deck, but it's fine if it does. I'm located in east central Indiana.
  13. Parts
    Looking for a turn key Kohler K161 or K181 Cub Cadet spec engine to drop into my model 72. I have a good starter gen and mounting arm. I am in north central Indiana. Have cash in hand. Also looking for headlight panel complete with headlights, snow blower or blade, rear lift hitch(complete)...
  14. Parts
    Looking for a good set of double pulleys for the 48-M Homelite center quill mower deck. Believe the AC / Simplicity will fit as well. Thanks.
  15. Parts
    Looking for an axle for a 4 speed peerless 2312A transaxle for a Gilson tractor. Part number is 774080 from what I can tell. I also need the associated axle housing for the left side. I want to install my hydraulic lift, but need a drive shaft and pulley, the one that extends from the engine...
  16. Parts
    I want both fiberglass side panels for my John Deere 100. They fit below the hood sides, and behind the grille panel, bulge out and hide the engine. Here's a pic... The panels fit where the white outline is in the pic. Thanks.
  17. Parts
    I have a Haban chipper/shredder mdl. 500 that needs a new knife.
  18. Parts
    My neighbor found a sweet little 1984 Craftsman GT18 in pretty decent shape but it was a barn find and someone took the mower deck off and looks like the stripped out the flat idler/v-idler assemble and belt guide that are needed for the vbelt assembly. Does anyone have an old GT laying around...
  19. Parts
    I have a Mighty Mite model 10 that is missing the brake components on one side. Does anyone have any of these that they'd like to sell. Thanks, Trey
1-20 of 500 Results