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  1. Montgomery Wards Tractor Forum
    Picked this up over the summer. Was looking for a 78 which was the year my parents had when I was little. But same style just different coloring so I won’t complain! In pretty good shape overall. Finally replaced the front tires after having them sitting in the garage for 5 months haha. Replaced...
  2. Walk Behind Garden Tractor Forum
    hey guys i need some help finding manuals for this and some info on it like if there's a special engine drive pulley any help is greatly appreciated. here some pics and there's a front blade,front sickle mower, tiller,and a cultivator that are not pictured. is it worth trading my labor to...
  3. Garden Tractor Forum
    Hello, I am a new user to this wonderful forum! I am the proud owner of a Montgomery Ward Gilson Hydro 16 Twin garden tractor. I requested it was given to me in a trade, and the folks I did business with happily bought it for me. The 656cc Briggs twin engine didn't seem like it was the...
  4. Montgomery Wards Tractor Forum
    Are these still available? Tractor is a G33470A. Didn't know if I should put this in this forum or the Gilson forum. 42" 3 blade deck. Bracket sheared off the bottom of the shaft. I'm surprised it broke loose as it's belt driven. I have sprayed penetrating oil on the nuts and am leaving it soak...
  5. Montgomery Wards Tractor Forum
    Would like to know where the wiring clip on the PTO is supposed to be connected. My pic shows three (3) potential bolt locations such that the spring on the pigtail can be touched by the PTO lever arm when the PTO is pulled back for activation. Thanks.
  6. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds
    Another machine I've never seen before... looks like a 2 wheeled tractor with a sulky or add-on rear wheels. Smitty
  7. Montgomery Wards Tractor Forum
    Hi I am new to here and looking for information or resources on a Montgomery wards power-trac. According to the information on it it is a model Mid 5055a serial number 1560 (from what I have seen this means it is a midland and is 7 hp, correct?). It has been redone, but it needs the seals for...
  8. Attachments
    Hi all, I am looking for wheel weights for my Montgomery wards power-trac two wheel garden tractor with sulky. From my knowledge my tractor was manufactured by Midland. A lot of these attachments are interchangeable so if you have something that may be close let me know. Also looking for a...
  9. Walk Behind Garden Tractor Forum
    I was looking for a carb. kit for another project and found this Wards tractor on a web site from someone in Maryland.It has had some paint touch up but the original decals are still on it.The Wisconsin ABS engine dated it to 1942.Removing the hood requires unbolting it it`s amazing that after...
  10. Montgomery Wards Tractor Forum
    Hi my name is Corey and I am new to this site, I have a wards tractor that I have had for a couple years and I love it.. Problem is I am having a hard tome finding information on it. I am trying to find out what year it is and I would also like to find parts and attachments. I bought this...
  11. Montgomery Wards Tractor Forum
    I got another Monty to go with the M/W collection. This one is a 1964 or 65 Squire 7 1/4 HP built by Toro, Springfield. It's in pretty nice original condition. Still has the Riverside Tires it came out of the factory on.
1-11 of 11 Results