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  1. Tool Shed
    I picked up this Lincoln tombstone welder this past summer. With the shop finally cleaned up, insulated, wiring, and heated I decided to finally give it a try. I bought some welding rod (6011) and did some practice runs on a scrap piece of metal. I haven't used a stick welder in over 25...
  2. Tool Shed
    I've been looking for a 220 volt welder for the past year to because my Millermatic 135 110 volt mig doesn't penetrate enough on thicker steel. I found it on CL the PO just wanted it gone because it was taking up space. He wanted $75 (they usually go for over a $100 around here) so I offered...
  3. Off Topic
    So I will be needing to run a new supply for my HF HB151 mig/flux welder when I move to the new house. The current line I have is a 50 amp breaker and # 6 wire, little over kill I think when I now look at specs sheet for welder. So looking at pics below, what do you all think? I will propably...
  4. Mechanical & Hydraulics Forum
    Awhile back we had a nice thread on the tools needed for GT restorations. I encourge enthusiasts to build their shops with bargain used tools. This seems like a good deal if it works. For $75 Good Luck to somebody nearby. Rick
  5. Tool Shed
    I got an email about this welder being a top 5 pick. I was just wondering if anyone has had any experience with it...
1-5 of 5 Results