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  1. Wheel Horse, Toro Tractor Forum
    Saw this on Classic Tractor Fever on YouTube and figured I would share. They are definitely different and unique, BUT I definitely love that they are tributes for a horrible disease. Enjoy the video.....
  2. Garden Tractor Forum
    Hello, I am searching for an Ariens Trans-A-Matic parts tractor close to Knox County, Tennessee if possible. I have a running David Bradley 725 w/deck, a running Wheel Horse 308-8 w/deck, a Colt 2310 w/deck, Gravely L8 with rotatory plow, rototiller, w/estate sulky, and of course cash.
  3. Parts
    Looking for a PTO shaft for the Wheel Horse D series to the 50 inch Tiller. Tractor end is 1 inch 15 spline male, tiler end is 1 inch shaft. Pictures are not mine but for reference to what I am looking for.
  4. Attachments
    For sale is a good condition tall chute snow thrower for the classic garden tractors(300,400, 500) Sold my last classic and only have an Xi so it's time for this to go. Only trades I'm interested in would be for Xi attachments. Located in CNY (13126) Asking $400 or best offer.
  5. Wheel Horse, Toro Tractor Forum
    The frame of my Wheel Horse 656 is in very good condition but the engine head now has a crack beyond repair. Anyone know where I can get a used or refurbished engine? I've been told that it is a Tecumseh 6HP.
  6. Member Introductions
    Sorry to have to bring my affliction for Wheel Horses here but I do have other brands (a MF 1855) that I could use some help on and I see you have a nice selections of info in it. :wave: Jim
  7. Parts
    I sell good used parts for most brands of Small Engines, as well as Garden Tractors, Mowers, Tillers, and Lots more. Over 45 years experience in equipment, and 20 years selling parts online. Free Shipping in USA on most parts. Lowest prices. Weekly Markdowns. I part out equipment and engines...
  8. Garden Tractor Forum
    Hi all, pretty new to the forum yet and still looking for the perfect GT. I came a cross 1981 Wheel Horse C125 Automatic today on the ole craigslist. The current owner bought it from the original owner this past summer and did a partial restoration on it. Sadly it had sat outside for 5 years...
  9. Tractors
    trying to come up with some cash for a full sized back hoe I have a C105 wheel horse with deck cub cadets 1872 super with deck 3204 with deck 1863 1710 149 all have decks I also have plows weights chains. I have a ton of Cub cadet parts 1961-1990 email with needs having trouble with...
  10. Garden Tractor Forum
    Ok. So Im a Bolens guy but want to get into doing tractors more. I got 1 Bolens and there just arent many in Northern MI. I trying to decide what brand to get into restoring and selling and probably using some for work. Bolens will always be my favorite brand but I just need more than 1 rig on...
  11. Wheel Horse, Toro Tractor Forum
    Just picked up my first tractor from a disabled vet in western mass. Its a B- 115, he says he thinks its an '82 but i haven't had time to look at it yet. It was $80 with chains, hopefully no more problems arise but all it needed was a battery. Wish me luck trying to start it this weekend. Just...
  12. Wheel Horse, Toro Tractor Forum
    I have this tractor sitting off to the side. I picked it up some years back along with a mower deck and snow blower for it. The transaxle is in tough shape, the differential is welded solid and the last time I had it running, something in the shift forks came apart and it is stuck in between...
  13. Garden Tractor Forum
    Found this article that shows some of the tests that these tractors went through before they were sold to the public , pretty neat read, covers just about all the major makes...
  14. Parts
    In need of a part for my 1076! See the pics for details! it is the Hydro cooling fan cover. PM me if you have one!
  15. Wheel Horse, Toro Tractor Forum
    How long is the deck belt on a rear discharge 36" cut 308-8? I am unable to get a model number due to a faded sticker. They could have put it somewhere better like under the seat or hood. I was told 77.3" x 1/2. I shreaded mine yesterday and it was to tore up to get a length. Thx!
  16. Parts
    I need some rear wheel hubs with a 5 lug on 4 1/2" pattern with 1 1/8" hole to convert my Dayton/MTD 995 over to 5 hole wheels. I've been told that some Wheel Horse Hubs fit. The outside of the hub has a 3/4" hole for the end of the axle shaft and nut... I looked at building an adapter for...
  17. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds
    This thing would need a lot of TLC, and the seller is way high, but it may be of interest to someone. I can't tell what model it is, but I'm sure someone here can. Smitty
  18. Transportation and Networking Forum
    Am hoping for assistance in transporting for Jake GT16 from west central WI to Ohio or any point in-between. Will fit in shortbed pickup. Would be great to get it down to Rockford, IL or around Chicago to Valparaiso or Indianapolis, IN. OR: If no responses or offers- I will be heading to west...
  19. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds
    I've been intrigued by these 2 local tractors for sale. As I can't find a decent affordable mower deck for the Ford YT16H, I'm considering fixing up a dedicated mower tractor and leaving the Ford for snow. First off, Simplicity 4112 Hydro for around $150/200. I like the look of it, but were...
  20. Attachments
    I have some wheel horse suburban attachments for sale I have a snow plow it has two cracks in the front where it meets the bracket but fixable $75 I have a mower deck not sure of size but there are no rust holes only a crack underneath (shown in pics) would make a great show piece $100 Wheel...
1-20 of 53 Results