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  1. Attachments
    looking for a pair of wheel weights that fit a bolens ht23, thanks
  2. Garden Tractor Forum
    Could someone tell me about these wheel weights?
  3. Garden Tractor Forum
    May latest hobby is collecting cast iron wheel weights! When I can get them cheap! The MTD cost me the most at $75 for the pair. But I got a complete 990 with the purchase! The Bolens no name weights cost me $60. The Jacobsen / Ford were listed on C / L for $35! With shipping and handling I...
  4. Parts
    Hello I am looking to buy a set of 12 inch wheel weights that will fit a set of bolens 900 rims, any help would be greatly appreciated! I am willing to pay a reasonable amount as these are for a neighbors tractor which I have recently got running for him. He hopes to use this tractor for snow...
  5. 322 Plow

  6. Massey, Snapper, AMF Tractor Forum
    Actually did this a couple weeks ago but of course I am to blame for never having the camera with me to tell about the stuff I do in the shop and I forget to post about it. I had bought a Massey MF12 hydro that was in pretty rough shape but it had wheel weights and a snow blade. I have a friend...
  7. 1971 JD 120 H1 3rd owner.

    1971 JD 120 H1 with WWA-VAR4 Lugg Handles Wheel Weight Adapters Fits 8-10-12-15 Inch wheels with 4 hole patterns 4.5" to 9" on center
  8. Mechanical & Hydraulics Forum
    I am in process of making lead wheel weights for my 129 and need to know what size bolts are normally used. I have 3/8" threaded rod and was thinking about welding nuts on the rod for the back of the wheel. Will the rod be strong enough for 150 lbs per wheel? Geno
  9. Craigslist / Ebay / Kijiji Finds
    Same guy as the Economy. I can't go.
  10. Snow Removal Forum
    I read a topic or thread and I don't remember who wrote it or where it was. It was not long ago and I would like to find it. It is about making lead wheel weights. I have the lead and a way to melt it. I have some ideas and am looking for more. All help is always appreciated. Geno
  11. Attachments
    What can I say? These are gin-u-wine, 100% cast iron 50 lbs. wheel weights with brand new cadmium plated mounting bolts . Also, included are snow chains for a 23X12 tire. The chains are rusty but not worn or patched. $75 for all. 10% discount for site supporters. Available in Waterman, Il. 60556
1-11 of 11 Results