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wisconsin engine
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  1. Power King, Economy Tractor Forum
    Can someone post a picture of what the throttle linkage connection is supposed to look like on a 1958 Economy with a Wisconsin AENL engine? The picture shows what I have now (minus the throttle cable). I'm guessing that it is some sort of toggle bracket. Also a picture of the choke cable...
  2. Shaw Tractor Forum
    I am looking for information on a Shaw model HY8A tractor. I am able to locate some information on the model HY8 tractors on the internet, but I have found very little information on the HY8A model. The model HY8 is described as the "High Arch Master" in the Shaw Du-All catalog #21 but no...
  3. Whazzat?
    I need some help identifying this Wisconsin engine. The engine tins are missing, so It has no ID tag. so the questions are: What model is it? what year was it built? What equipment was it built for? Engine bore is 2-1/2" and stroke is 2-3/4" AA91K-21 is stamped on the block above the oil...
1-3 of 3 Results