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  1. Tractor Events
    The show I am posting about here is located in Colchester CT at the Zagray Farm Museum and is on Mother's Day Weekend on May 7th and 8th. I am going on Sunday and bringing both 10 horsepower Craftsmans AND, maybe my new 6 horsepower Craftsman too in as is condition all ratty and dirty if it's...
  2. Garden Tractor Events Forum
    The Spring Show will be 3 and 4 May. Its located on RT 85 near the Hebron / Colchester town line. This is one of the bigger shows in our area. Plenty to see and buy. I've been told that it is $20 to set up for the weekend and camping is free. There are 3 shows here each year. I've found some...
  3. Copar, Pennsylvania Panzer Tractor Forum
    I hope it doesn't still look like this when you people show up in July. I'm beginning to wonder, but if it does ------ Not to worry - I'M PREPARED TO DEAL WITH IT !!!!! :thumbs:
  4. Copar, Pennsylvania Panzer Tractor Forum
    What a fantastic web site. I never imagined this would be as informative as it is. Then again - you don't know that until you join. Wish I had been able to check this out from the start but still being on dial-up has it's limitations. Anyway - Panzers & attachments are going to be the...
  5. Garden Tractor Events Forum
    Another Zagray Farm Show is scheduled for Oct 5 & 6. The October show shouldn't have the heat that kept people away like July. The following weekend there are 2 Swap meets for old tractors, old trucks, and some GT parts. On Saturday Oct 12 will be the Haul of Fame Meet on RT12 in Plainfield...
1-5 of 5 Results