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  1. Compact Utility and Farm Tractor Forum
    Went to a garage sale Saturday and found a carb in a plastic bucket full of junk. Woman wanted 5$ for the bucket. Picking it up would likely have pulled the handle off. Very heavy. Wasn't driving my truck and didn't want to load that bucket in the car. Ask for a price on the carb. 2$...
  2. Bolens Tractor Forum
    I have a Wisconsin S-8D with a Zenith L-80-K carburetor and I wanted to check and or adjust the float level. I downloaded the S-8D manual (Thank You), which provides info for fuel adjustments but nothing about float levels. Can someone tell me the correct float level?
  3. Bolens Tractor Forum
    had a though that someone else might have had this same issue and same thought process and may have already found a good solution my cousin and I bought a pair of old bolens a couple years ago. We're pretty mechanical, however, these pre-date us by a few years. I took the 650, he took the...
  4. Bolens Tractor Forum
    We got quite a bit of snow over the weekend in the northeast and we probably got at least a foot to 16" of snow here in the Albany area. So, Sunday I needed to try to fire up my Bolens Estate Keeper to snowblow my driveway. Earlier in December, I got the Sno-Caster attachment (and my plow...
  5. Bolens Tractor Forum
    Okay, so before I start, in case anyone tries to flame me or give me a hard time saying that this topic has already been covered elsewhere on the forums and if I just searched for the answers, they are already out there, I have been SUPER busy lately with everything going on in my life at the...
  6. Bolens Tractor Forum
    I am having a heck of a time with my 1968 Bolens Estate Keeper EK-10. It has sat for a couple of years since it stopped running a while ago and I haven't had the chance to try to fix it for a while. I started working on it earlier in the summer and I found the gas tank looked pretty rusty and...
1-6 of 6 Results