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I used the Evapo-Rust in the 1256's gas tank, and that stuff works GREAT!!

I poured the whole gal. in and rotated the tank a couple of times over a 24 hr period.

I then poured it back in the container. I checked inside the tank and saw CLEAN METAL :thumbs:

There was still some residue of rust in the tank, so I flushed it out good with water, to get that out. I then poured a small amount of E-R back into the tank and made sure that I got the whole inside coated, and then poured out the excess.

I let it dry over night last night. Checked it again this morning, and it's clean as a whistle. :D

Re-installed the tank, and added an in-line fuel filter as well. Filled it up and cranked up the 1256.

It didn't like going to full throttle, but a bit of tweaking of the main jet cured that. The old TRA-12D sings a song, and is full of snort. It is smoking a bit at times, but it may just be stuck rings. I'm gonna run either some Seafoam of Marvel Mystery Oil thru it to see if that helps.

Let me tell you, this Evapo-Rust is the dog's bollocks. It works just as well as claimed. and is MORE than worth the $20.00/gal. (at Tractor Supply) price You can check it out on their web site:
Evapo-Rust rust remover description page

I'm a believer, and will be using it for a lot of other things I have.

I know my one experience is anecdotal, but just Google Evapo-Rust, to see what everyone else has to say about it as well.

for stuck rings, in my experience, if you live on a back or private road, just fill up the gas tank, bring 5 gallons with you and some extra oil and just take her for a nice long ride. if that doesnt work fill the cylinder with MMO
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