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Good evening, I as many know a 1655 that now has a 18HP ONan on it so I am referring to my tractor as the 1655/1855.

I have been working on adapting a snow blower for a 1200/1600 to fit the 1655 and because the snow blower didnt come with any of its lifting mechanism or a shaft drive ( its a belt driven unit) I have been left to my own devices to modify it.

So I am attaching photos of where I am at in the process. I have modified the mounting arms to get the blower to sit on the frame without hitting the PTO shaft through the front axle, and I have added helper lift springs, then built a new lift arm mounted on the snow blower, and lastly I built a rockshaft adapter from Channel iron that fits over the mounting arms and has roller bearing to assist in lifting. The adapter fits the full length of the rockshaft arms and is held in place with grade 8 bolts and can be removed in about 5 minutes.

Except for the final tightening of the bolts I am down to 3 items left.
First I need a 7 inch pulley 5/8' Sheave for the electric clutch. The photos will explain
Second I will need a new belt for the blower and that will be a trial and fit process.
Third I am looking for a crank and cable that moves the chute from side to side.

So if anyone has some extra JD 318 Clutch pulleys and is being Kind hearted pls let me know. I even have the dimensions of the center to center spacing on the four holes.
If anyone has an old blower that has met its fate and wants to part with the chute crank I al all ears and willing to be fair.

And as always I will accept any criticism

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no, none but wow, that's a snow throw, hopfully someone has one for you, looks good,
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