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I have a quite strange leak on my 1655 and while it's disassembled I want to fix it permanently.

When I got the tractor it had dirt everywhere so I power washed it until looking like new. The rear end (transmission, differential) were particularly dirty and the dirt was quite thick. From this point it started leaking until there was no more oil in the system. I disassembled the rear end from the tractor, cleaned everything with brake cleaner and I added oil in to find the leak. It didn't leaked for 2 weeks!

No more leak? I don't believe this. I reassembled the rear end on the frame and reassembled the rear PTO... Then it started leaking again! The leak seemed to come from between the casings of the transmission/differential.

My guess is that the main PTO plate which is kind of a U shaped 12" long 1/4" thick steel plate is pulling both casings apart from each other enough so the oil can slowly leak. I removed this plate and no more leaks. The plate is about 1/8" larger than the casings so when bolted there is quite a lot of force on those aluminum casings.

Does someone had a leak like this? What did you do to fix the problem?

Currently I plan on replacing the casings gasket (which I fear will be quite a long job) and using a press to "close" the U plate until it is flush with the casings so it cannot pry them open. In fact I will close them a bit too much (;

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