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We had a great time at the 17th Annual Little Guys Show this year which was held May 21,22 at Rentzel's farm in Mt. Wolf, PA. I was there by myself on Saturday and did my best with getting as many photos as I could which I have all of them posted in the gallery at: 17th Annual Little Guys Show

I got there pretty early on Saturday morning and despite all of the rain we have had lately the show grounds dried up nicely by mid morning. I waited for the ground to dry up some before unloading the garden tractors that I took to the show which were my Massey MF12G and the Bush Hog D4-10 and dad's Bolens 1053 and Bolens Ride-A-Matic.

Before unloading one of my friends I went to school with rolled in. Tommy and I went to school together and we also worked on the same farm. Granted he worked there a lot longer then I did, I think I may have been there about 2 years. It is amazing how small of a world it is though because Tommy and I may have seen each other after we graduated a total of maybe 4 times. Here now 10+ years later I ran in to him at the 16th Annual Little Guys show. Who ever would have thought we would end up being in the same hobby collecting garden tractors.

I helped Glen Blecker move some of his Jonn Deere garden tractors from his unloading spot to the show grounds. Glen is a super nice guy and is always willing to share a story and lend a hand. He definitely knows his John Deere stuff. I will be doing a piece in the very near future on Glen's collection of John Deere garden tractors. We are planning on it being a full weekend and I told him I will bring the burgers. Glen is also going to be getting me my first John Deere garden tractor which will be a John Deere 140 H3 in the very near future. I know I will never live it down about me owning a green tractor, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

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They did the garden tractor parade on Saturday around lunch time and later in the afternoon they did the tilling competition. The winning pass on the tilling competition ended up surprising quite a few. The John Deere tillers did do a great job, I can't argue that fact, but the passes that were really fine and smooth were not the winning passes. The winning pass was nice and uniform but it wasn't tilled as fine which from what I heard is due to proper drainage and not as much compaction.

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Sunday was nice out also, although a little on the overcast side. Got a chance to take a couple videos and pictures of the garden tractor pulling. We also had a meeting for the plow competition to find out what the rules were and what they were looking for in regards to being judged. After doing the plowing competition I must say there is an intriguing aspect to it.

I am the first one to admit that I love going to plow days like PA Plow Day and just dropping the plow and letting it rip. With the competition you have to watch what you are doing and always plan ahead. Watching your starting and end points, making sure it is all covered, your finish furrow couldn't be too deep and you also had to adjust your plow height up to your last furrow to keep from being too deep. It was definitely interesting and I am no where near good at it. I finished about the last 3/4 of the pack. I believe there were 24 people total that plowed in the competition.

Little guys show was also the location for the state level of competition to send the winner to the National Competition in Iowa. I didn't get to find out if the winner was going to definitely go or if they are going to pass and let the 2nd place person go. It could actually keep being passed down until someone wants to go. More then likely with the cost of fuel there is a good possibility of that happening.

We had a great time at this years Little Guys Show and we look forward to next years event.

Here is the video from this years Little Guys Show:

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