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I have just picked up a snow cab & thrower for my 1855 and the one I got is 95% complete but rather rough. The repairs will probably total 10 hrs worth of shop time and then primer and paint. It is a single door cab (door on left side)

What I am looking for are photos of the snow cabs other members may have sitting on the tractors or upright so I can see what the front is supposed to look like around the floor boards and around the hood area. Specifically the what was used to box in the front edge of the floor boards, hood seals, and how the cab was attached to the tractor.

In looking at the cab I have I do not see any holes or tabs that were used to bolt the cab to the tractor.

Any photos will be greatly appreciated.

As to the snow thrower I am looking for the following 3 items if someone has a thrower that has outlived its useful life
Lift tube pieces
deflector chute crank and handle ( i can make one but would like to find a decent one to use)
the drive shaft (again I can make one but finding one would be wonderful)

Any help is greatly appreciated and I am down in the Kansas City area where the BBQ national championships fill the autumn air.
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