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1963 Chief 100-C i just picked up

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Cute lil bugger....may need a replacement deck at some point though, or at the least a good shell
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Very clean machine! Definitely in a lot nicer shape than mine! (y)

Where is your voltage regulator mounted? Mine is to the inside of the console, which yours doesn't seem to be: I don't see the bolts coming through the console. My seat was also replaced with a cheap low-back lawn tractor seat. Seeing yours has inspired me to remake one for mine. Mine also has no grill.
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So the bosses cast into the console are threaded. Interesting! Mine have been drilled out and the regulator through-bolted. I always thought the through-bolting looked a little rigged, now I know why. Thanks!

Mine also has a glass-tube fuse bar on the shelf in the left of the VR image, which I suppose isn't factory either.
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