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I got mine for 325. But its an 18HP. The 24 Onans were the most popular i think. the 20 onans You don't see much. I built my own 3 point setup. The lower arms were from an aftermarket kubota bx kit on ebay that came with a bunch of extra parts. The arms are Cat 1, but the holes in the axle tube are Cat 0 so they are smaller. I ground down the flanges on the end links of the lower arms to fit between the mounts on the axle tube. I used cat 0 to cat 1 bushings to take up the space as i didn't want to drill out the mounts on the axle. The lift links i fabricated from flat stock and long bolts to resemble the factory ones. As a side note. I noticed that messing around with a new John deeres that the mower deck draft plate has identical looking links welded to it. You could cut them off and save yourself some fab time. The most frustrating find for this was figuring out what to do for the top mount of the lift links. The original trunnion mounts are impossible to find so i used chrome moley heim joints. With the lift links on the 45 of the lower arms you need the double motion of both sets of trunions to keep it from binding. The original arms are longer and lift from the straight section of the arm, not the angled.


1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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