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For a first annual event, this was a huge success! The weather threatened to postpone the event, but the rain stopped early Saturday morning and the fields dried up enough to make for some great plowing!

The temperatures were a little on the cool side, (I don't think it climbed much out of the 40's all day) but Daniel, being the gracious host, gathered up some wood and started a couple of fires to keep folks warm and to thaw them out when they weren't plowing.

The food was fantastic! There were some donuts and coffee to start the day off right. Teresa (Dan's wife) and Fred (member Meangreen) whipped up a couple of batches of chili that were hot, delicious, and well received! There were also some hot dogs as well as Nabisco snacks provided by member Robert Webb. Did I mention the awesome deserts that were available for perusal? There were pies and a beautiful cake to feast on after lunch!

The ground was in near perfect form despite a days worth of rain leading up to that very morning. Very few rocks were encountered (although an axe head and an old horse shoe did get turned up LOL)

All told, there were 46 people in attendance and 8 states (Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, Tennessee, Alabama, Illinois, Kentucky) and one Province (Ontario) represented! There were 19 tractors plowing and approximately 15 acres turned! I'm sure that a good time was had by all!

If you missed the fun this year, don't worry. Daniel has promised that it will be the first of many as he plans to make it an annual event!

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