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I have been asked about this a few times, so decided to do an article on my building of a 2 bottom plow.

I jury-rigged up my 2 bottom plow to see if my Massey tractor would pull her. It is simply two 10" Brinly's coupled together. My modified MF1650 pulled it easily, power is NO problem, traction is the key and she did super.

Of course this tractor weighs nearly 1900lbs with my 200+lbs & FEL on it (filled tires & cast weights add 300lbs of the weight). Running somewhere around 6"+ deep. After testing & finding the tractor would pull it, I built a toolbar to stay on the plow set & build better cross brackets to stiffen it all up. Didn't want to cut or weld anything till tested.

I had to cut off the front following share as it extends too far to the 2nd moldboard, build another coulter out of a worn down corn planter coulter, and I want to add a gauge wheel to automatically set the depth.
Here it is in test form:

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Here is the easy adjust gauge wheel I built:

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And the plows after building a dedicated toolbar & adding braces.

Brown Automotive tire Wood Art Font

Here is the final product:

Tire Wheel Motor vehicle Automotive tire Vehicle

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