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I'm not a Massey guy but I can tell you this. First off, you can't go wrong with a Honda engine. They are legendary when it comes to providing smooth, quiet, reliable power that will last a long time if looked after properly. I also know of a couple of people who have repowered their Case tractors with engines from SEW as kits and have no complaints. These engines were either Vanguard, Kawasaki or Honda's.

On the other side of the coin, I am a bit of a purist. While I confess that I know little about Massey's, I prefer to see old GT's restored back to pristine condition with the original engine under the hood. However, I also recognize that many of these tractors are still putting in an honest days work for people who have no interest in owning a trailer queen. So, my suggestion is simple. Install the Honda but make the fewest mods to the tractor you possibly can. Avoid cutting any sheet metal if there is another way. Try to keep the tractor as close to what it is now and store the original engine away somewhere. That way, should you decide to either sell it or restore it, the original engine will be available down the road.

Other than that, I wouldn't worry too much about buying a kit from SEW. They come up with these kits by actually performing the swap themselves. If you have any questions about the kit, call them up or write them. They will provide you with full disclosure to allay any concerns you have. As I understand it, SEW provides an instruction sheet to tell you how to deal with wiring issues and so forth.
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