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I installed a Honda 20 HP in my 1655 about 8-9 years ago.I didn't buy the kit but made things up on the fly.I had to raise the Honda motor up by 1 1/2 " and left the oem mount where it sits.I had to make a adapter plate for the front of the motor to beable to mount the electric clutch.The PTO shaft on the Honda is a 1" shaft and the onan is 1 1/8 shaft so I needed to take a thin walled pipe and put it over the top of the Honda's shaft to beable to use the oem clutch.I had to cut the pipe to beable to use the keyway on the shaft and if memory serves me correctly I had to make a special key as the keyway shaft on the honda motor is different from the onan.I don't have a Lathe so I had a machine shop make me a adapter on the flywheel side to beable to use the splined shaft etc that drive's the the pto and belts that drive the hydro pump .The muffler didn't come with the motor so I made my own this way it fits nice under the hood The other thing that needed to have done was to cut out the piece of metal on the underside of the hood that seperate the battery and fuel tank from the old onan motor.I left 3/4" of the metal still intact all around the hood to still act a reinforcement.Actually I had cut both of the sides with 3/4" left and had cut it right out the the underside of the hood then I used a 1/8" X 1" flat bar for the top{against} the underside of the hood which I bolted in place to either side of what was left of the side's.I didn't realize that I cold have just left the 3/4" at the top in place.I had to rewire it for the Honda engine,did the wiring myself.One problem I had was with the electric clutch.The old onan motor needed power to run where the Honda needs grd to stop.So when I engaged the the electric clutch the Honda motor would shut down.So I ended up putting a push buttom kill switch by the ignition key so that when I shut the key off I have to push the kill button to stop the motor.That solved the problem of the Honda motor wanting to shut down when the electric clutch was engaged.I belive there's 1800 hrs on the Honda motor now and Its still running like day one.You won't be sorry to install a Honda in it.The upside is the Fuel economy is way better then the onan. Larry
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