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Going to be bringing a few tires to Ball Hollow to sell off.
Pair of used 26x12-12 lug tires, worn to 1/4" tall tread only in the center, outsides full height, one has small plug, some bead damage, but will be fine with tubes. $50
Pair of used Goodyear Mud Runner 25x10-12 ATV tires with good tread, lots of life left. Big ugly plug in one of them, but should be able to properly patch it and use tubes. $100 OBO
Prices listed are what I paid for these at the time. I do not need these tires anymore. I do not wish to ship any of these tires, but will be at Ball Hollow plow day as well as FCVAEC plow day this year.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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