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The 3rd Annual Ball Hollow GTtalk Plow Day was a terrific event. We have been trying our best to make it down to Daniel's (aka olcowhand) for the last two years and just haven't been able to pull it off. I was bound and determined to make it happen this year. I figured if anything we could at least drive the car down to be a little more economical.

This year was to also be a Bush Hog garden tractor reunion. Needless to say I really wanted to take one of my Bush Hogs down to the plow day. I also had some items here for Daniel from when we made the trip up to Canada to pick up my Bush Hog HD-12. I Managed to get everything lined up and with our fingers crossed our old F-150 made the trip with the 16' trailer in tow. We had the Bush Hog HD-12, a farm tractor sized two bottom three point plow for Daniel, and a 3pt Brinly 12" plow to sell to another fellow that was looking for one.

We tried to keep it a secret about making it down there to surprise Daniel but with a few guys not being able to make the trip I decided to let Daniel know we were going to make it. I didn't have our room booked until Tuesday the week of the plow day. Had everything loaded on the trailer by Wednesday night. We went to work Thursday morning and were planning on taking a nap once we got home and leaving out by 2am. Till we got everything loaded in the truck, I decided to just head out at 9:30 that night. Figured we could pull off somewhere along the way to take a short rest.

We made it four hours into the trip and stopped at a rest area. Tried to kick back in a regular cab truck. It lasted for about 3 minutes and we were back on the road again. We were able to make the trip straight through with a couple of stops for gas. Pulled in at plow day around 10am. A couple of guys had already been there and dropped their stuff off. We went up to Daniel's farm to see everything and hauled one of his Bush Hog Jabalina's down to the field.

We had a wonderful time getting to talk with Daniel and Teresa before people started showing up for the weekend. Friday was mostly spent with everyone hanging out in between getting their plows setup. What was even better was it was so laid back and enjoyable. We got quite a few videos and pictures on Friday along with trying something new with aerial photography. Things didn't go as well as planned with the quad copter, mainly with the gimbal which holds the camera steady. I did manage to get some still photos which are with the other pictures we took in the gallery. With pulling an all nighter getting there we called it a day around 4 in the afternoon.

Felt much better for Saturday after getting some sleep. Just like Friday another awesome day of plowing and shooting the breeze. Decent bit of plowing was done before lunch. Once lunchtime came Teresa made some awesome chili and we all had time to sit and relax under the trees. Daniel's grandson Case helped pull the names for the prizes. One of the items which were being given away was a Brinly 10" sleeve hitch plow. Huge shout out to Brinly for the donation. Daniel also had some cool shirts made up for sale and also gave a few away for prizes.

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After the giveaways we got everyone together for a group photo and then back at it with more plowing. With this being a Bush Hog reunion we needed to get all of the Bush Hog garden tractors together for some photos. We believe this is the only time other than at the factory that this many Bush Hog garden tractors have been brought together by more than one collector from different states. We also believe it is the first time that there has ever been four Bush Hog HD-12 tractors at one event.

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Wheel Tire Sky Vehicle Plant

We had an awesome time and are already making plans for next year. The area of Kentucky that Daniel lives in is a beautiful area. We have actually talked about wanting to move there once the kids are out of school. Also found out that Bourbon Fest was the same weekend as the plow day. Depending how things shake down for next year I think we might be staying down for a full week.

I can't thank Daniel, Teresa and their family enough for their hospitality and for putting together such an event. It takes time and a lot of effort. I Also want to thank all of you that made it to the plow day and I also want to thank my wonderful wife Erica for being there and being so supportive. It was terrific getting to meet even more new faces and seeing familiar ones again. If you are able to make the trip to the Ball Hollow plow day it should definitely be on your short list.

If you would like to check out all of the photos that we took you can view them in the album below:

Sky Cloud Nature Building Grass

Album: Ball Hollow GTtalk Plow Day

483 images

Below is the video that we took which is posted on our Youtube channel TractorTalk:

You can also check out the forum thread from this years past event here: Ball Hollow GTtalk Plow Day and Bush Hog Reunion

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