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Picked up a tiller a couple weeks back - looks like it is in really good shape so I am guessing this is not a popular toy. Of course, no manual was with the unit. Therefore the reason for my questions and thus I am now looking for some assistance . . .

Went to our local dealer who was very helpful for the mounting bracket (centerback).

1. Belt Routing for the Tiller

John Deere calls it a Mule Drive but I am not sure the correct language for it on the MF.

Is is a seperate mule drive for the tiller or do you use the one for the snowblower? If so, does it come off the snow blower?

2. Second Problem - The belt

The belt I have is no good and the closest that I have be able to find is about 1" shorter (MF states that the belt is obsolete). Does anyone still make this belt?

Thanks for any/all responces.
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