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I just bought a 66 massey 10 that has the starter generator and points.

how ever the wire coming from the points is not hooked up. I have 3 wires that are in the same area that are not hooked to anything.

1 is the points wiring, 2 is the red wire that seems to come from the key switch and the last one is a brown or clear wire that comes from under the engine cover.

how are these hooked up?

on the side on the engine shroud there seems to be a plastic piece to put a screw into to hold wires together. I assume that all 3 wires get hooked together

any ideas on this would be great


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Wire from points goes to one side of coil with a condenser

If wire from ignition switch has power when in the on position, no power when in off, then it goes to other side of coil

3rd wire could be stator or PTO clutch

pictures are a great help plus we love pictures

I'm just guessing as need more info to determine what wire is what

Kohler used a automotive style coil mounted on the outside of the engine

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Hook all 3 wires together, magneto type ignition.

The wire from the key turns the ignition on and off.

The wire from the points tells the coil when to fire.

The other wire should goto the coil.

Picture is a wiring dia and it works assuming tractor is original.


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