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The 6th Annual PA Plow Day was a great time. This year we decided to get a hotel room so we wouldn't have to drive back and forth and it was actually cheaper staying then it would have been paying for gas. We got up to Danville around 8am on Friday. The weather Friday was absolutely perfect. When we got there it was great having such a nice welcome and everyone's willingness to lend a hand.

I rode over with Brian in the gator to get the guys started plowing in the first 5 acre field. I was shooting pictures and video as soon as the guys got started. There were a few garden tractors that were struggling at first but once they got their plows dialed in they were off to the races. I don't recall the model number but there was a John Deere there that had a 4.5 hp China diesel in it, I could not believe how much the thing smoked but once he got the plow set the tractor did a great job plowing. Just goes to show how much torque a diesel can put out.

With the threat of a high percentage chance of rain on Saturday Josh and Brian let everyone plow all they could on Friday. There were not quite as many garden tractors at the plow day this year due to the rain they were calling for but it was well worth the chance. The sun was going down when the last couple of tractors, including me shooting photos when we came off the fields.

Earlier in the day member broken2 (Dan) and his father Dan came down from New York. Dan did me a huge favor and brought down a Massey MF12H and a Bush Hog D4-10 that I had bought up his way. I can't thank him enough. Dan also brought his two Massey's down for him and his dad to plow with.

Friday night ended up being really busy for us. We went out to dinner with members MH81(Alan) and his son Ryan, Caseguy(Steve), broken2 (Dan) and his father Dan. Once we were done dinner Alan and Steve went with me to pick up a John Deere 110 square fender for fellow member Texas Deere and Horse. We got it loaded into the truck and headed back to the hotel. Special thanks to you guys for the help.

Saturday ended up being chilly, windy and overcast but everyone toughed it out and got a bunch more plowing done. It wasn't until about 11:30 when the clouds let loose. Once it started raining pretty hard the fields cleared out and everyone huddled under the tents. The VanAllan family made it down for the raffle drawing for Gary's tractor.

This years Plow Day was special because it was dedicated to Gary VanAllan, for those that don't know Gary was a great friend to many and always willing to help out and was a big part in helping the Plow Day grow to what it has become. Gary passed away from leukemia this past year. A couple of the guys got together along with the VanAllan family to raffle Gary's John Deere garden tractor to help raise money for the family.

The winner of the raffle was Doug Titus out of New York. The VanAllan family said they are planning on donating part of the money raised to the American Cancer Society. It was terrific getting to meet them and congratulations to Doug for winning Gary's tractor.

There were some really terrific garden tractors plowing this year and it is awesome seeing what these machines are capable of. I think almost all brands were represented from small like a Bolens Ride-A-Matic to the big John Deere 430's. There was also a good looking Case 195 plowing along with a really nice looking Allis Chalmers and some Cub Cadets. Everyone's garden tractor did a terrific job.

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Tire Wheel Tractor Automotive tire Vehicle

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We want to thank everyone involved with PA Plow Day that make it the great event it is. Special thanks to Bryan and Josh for the willingness to put something like this together and stick with it. We are already looking forward to next years event and meeting hopefully even more GTtalk members.

If you have never been to a plow day you have to try it sometime. Nothing like playing in the dirt with our favorite garden tractors and being around great company. If you are within traveling distance of Danville, PA then PA Plow Day is one you don't want to miss.

We have all of the pictures that we took uploaded to the GTtalk Gallery and can be found by clicking the gallery tab at the top of the page and going to events or you can follow this link: 6th Annual PA Plow Day

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