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A&I (Agriculture & Industrial) manufactured belts for many companies and their garden tractors.

On the MF 10 the 515383M1 can be converted to a Gates belt but the 515382M1 remains elusive to those of us in need.

I have found a supplier of any A&I part be it belt, or other components that A&I produced. All that is needed is the original Massey, John Deere, I-H etc., part number and a little money and they can be ordered and shipped to your front door.

I am attaching a photo of 2 belts I ordered, note the boxes reflect the original Massey part number. And at the bottom of this message will be the contact information should you wish to order parts or belts. Again I remind you this vendor can order any A&I Part as they are an authorized retailer for A&I.

They have found every belt I ever need with one exception and that was for a 39 Cadillac I had. Outside of that one they have been very accommodating very reasonable ( cheaper than sears, Massey, or the I-H dealer). And yes they can get the exact replacement belts for craftsman LGT. Cheaper too.

Tire Automotive tire Tread Rim Automotive wheel system

The contact here in Kansas City Missouri is

Kansas City Rubber and Belting Co

1815 Prospect Ave

Kansas City Mo. 64127

Gary Eads is your contact person


Good luck and happy motoring!

ps: If the moderators feel it is appropriate to move this to another area I will welcome their action.


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